Inspiration Day for the Missionaries of Charity

On September 10, on the train to Darjeeling, India, Mother Teresa experienced a call from God to serve the poorest of the poor, 1946. She subsequently founded the Missionaries of Charity, to care for the poorest of the poor.

A girl came from outside India to join the Missionaries of Charity, We have a rule that new arrivals must go to the Home for the Dying. So I told this girl, “You saw Father during Holy Mass, with what love and care he touched Jesus in the Host. Do the same when you go to the Home for the Dying, because it is the same Jesus you will find there in the broken bodies of the poor.” And they went. After three hours the newcomer came back and said with a big smile. . . , “Mother, I have been touching the Body of Christ for three hours. . . When we arrived there they brought a man who had fallen into a ditch and had been there for some time. He was covered with wounds and dirt and maggots, and I cleaned him, and I knew I was touching the Body of Christ.”


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