No to vengeance

Archbishop Joachim Ruhuma, archbishop of Gitega, Burundi, was murdered together with two sisters and other persons, on September 9, 1996. At a July 23, 1996 funeral for massacred Burundis, he said:

“Burundians, my brothers and sisters, let me speak to the assassins and those who command them. I lift up my voice – may the world listen. Their crimes are a shame for humanity. I beseech them: ‘Abandon your weapons, cease the massacres. This is the price of peace. Do you want peace? So do we. Let others live in peace. Let us seek together a common path in harmony and agreement.’

“I ask all those who have lost their loved ones that they do not fall into the trap that leads to vengeance. It is clear those who have lost their lives have lost them because of their tribe. The assassins who wish to avenge or defend their tribe have just committed a crime which is the worst of all sins. They have denied God, their Creator. Let no others allow themselves to be dragged by tribal sentiments to avenge the dead in this way. Killing again will not bring your  loved ones back to you.”

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