Bigger barns or empty bellies

A few years ago I had a tape of Clarence Jordan speaking on the parable in today’s Gospel.. I cannot remember all the details but I do remember his saying something like this. Instead of filling empty bellies, he decided to build bigger barns.

That has left a strong impression on me, especially since he identified the rich man as an uncle, named Sam.

A few months ago I commented on this Gospel passage from Luke 12: 13-21, including part of Clarence Jordan’s Cotton Patch Version of this story. I ended my blog entry with the words, “Love shares.”

This morning, the reflection by Fr. Paulson Valiyannoor, SMF, in Daily Gospel 2013, is a rewrite of the Gospel in that vein.

The man does not have enough room to store his harvest. But instead of building bigger barns, he calls in his neighbors to share the harvest:

“…there are many people around me who do not have enough and have suffered long and hard. So let me share my good fortune with them. so that we all can eat, eat, drink, and enjoy ourselves.”

As Fr. Paulson concludes his reflection:

If the man had done as imagined above, he would have had a happy death and everlasting joy in heaven. The only way to store up riches in heaven is by sharing the riches with the poor on earth.

And so, let us begin to share.

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