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The blood of Tiananmen Square

Twenty five years ago, on June 3 and 4, Chinese government forces violently cracked down on the people – many young students – calling for real change.

I was affected by this event, especially  by the nonviolent courage of the young people.

About that time, someone put the following poem on my desk, attributed to one of the hunger strikers who was a Christian. I do not know its source but I think the poem is worth pondering since it connect the struggle and the suffering of the hunger strikers with Christ .


Hanging on a cross
Head bowed,
Blood flowing from His side.
He gave the total sacrifice
This Son of God.
His blood flows out still.
His suffering with us
Becomes a red river.
Blood mixing with blood
The red river flows from Beijing.

May we always remember the blood of the martyrs and of the victims of injustice and repression – and see their blood mixed with the Blood of Christ, our Lord.