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Rough ways and winding roads

Prepare the way of the Lord;
make straight His paths….
The winding roads shall be made straight,
and the rough ways made smooth.
Luke 3:4,5

I almost had to laugh when I read these words of Isaiah in this morning’s Gospel.

In the rural parish where I help, it’s hard to find a straight road. Going up, down, and through mountains is tricky – especially those hairpin curves where you hope that another car is not coming.

A valley seen from Cerro Negro

And the rough ways made smooth – what a dream. Not only are many rural roads  rough – to put it mildly, but the major highway here is full of potholes. It’s so bad that I cracked the crankshaft of my pickup ten days ago and it’s still in the shop!


But there is a promise of straight and smooth roads – so that Jesus the Messiah can come to us.

There are a lot of curves and potholes in our lives – habits that need to be straightened out and empty spaces that need to be filled in.

But the promise is there.

Jesus is God walking among us, knowing the winding roads and the rough places. He helps us walk the way with Him, even while the roads are rough and the routes crooked.

And though we have to navigate the ups and downs of life, avoiding potholes and being careful about what may be around the next curve, God is there with us.