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Parasites, amoebas, and bacteriological infections

I’ve been feeling tired lately, but I attributed it to the work and the hot weather. I felt that my face was hot, but I attributed this to being out in the sun. I had diarrhea on Friday morning, but I attributed that to something I had eaten.

But Friday afternoon I felt totally exhausted and laid down for a few hours. I missed a call from a friend, one of the Dubuque Franciscan sisters here and mentioned that I wasn’t feeling well. She handed the phone to another sister who is a nurse. After listening to my symptoms she wondered if I had parasites or amoebas. She gave me a few ideas on how to get comfortable (including sleeping with an ice pack (or, in my case, a frozen towel) on my stomach.

After a few diarrhea episodes during the night, I went to a clinic in Dulce Nombre this morning and had blood and fecal tests. It ends up that I have parasites, amoebas, AND bacteriological infections. So life goes. They gave me two antibiotics intravenously in saline solution, together with an anti-spasmodic. After examining the tests, they gave me three medicines to take. I hope this gets over soon.


But this morning as I awoke, late and after almost 12 hours in bed, I sat up and had deep feeling of peace. Instead of being angry or upset, there was peace – a real gift. Now I don’t know how long this peace will last, but I want to give thanks to God. In the middle of discomfort, God graced me with peace.