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Signs of the Spirit of Love

To live with the Spirit of God is to be a lover.
It is becoming love,
Jessica Powers

 These days I am accompanying the celebrations of confirmation in seven locations in the parish of Dulce Nombre.


In Quebraditas

Yesterday’s  celebration were in San Isidro La Cueva and Quebraditas. There I encountered three reminders of the presence of the Spirit of Love.

When I arrived in San Isidro La Cueva, I was directed to park in a place by the church. But, seeing a deep hole in the road, I maneuvered the car a little to the left, only to find the left rear wheel in an even deeper hole. I got out, with a very dependable four-wheel drive in low, but managed to leave two wounds on the car. The worst was under the engine. A metal sheet to protect the engine had been loosened and bent in half.

I looked and a few people tried to bend it back. Finally a young guy, Rigoberto, came and actually ended up bending it back and tying it up temporarily with some wire. Later we talked, partly in English. He had spent about five years in the US and returned on his own. He had come to the celebration because some people had contracted him to bring a group. He asked nothing for fixing my car.

How often has this happened to me – people showing God’s love in simple ways.

For me, the celebration in the afternoon in Quebraditas was beautiful but one of the catechists wasn’t there. Olga, the only catechist in one village, had been faithful, coming to the training sessions. But she hadn’t come to the last two meetings. I found out, from one of the confirmed from the village, that her mother had died and she had gone to take care of her father in another part of the country.

What people will do to help family members in need!

Pablo, the person who told me, is a young man from her village who was being confirmed. He just began coming to the catechist training meetings and will be helping in his village – the only catechist in his village. I told him that I would help him as he began and reminded him of the catechists meeting in November.

He asked me to take a picture of his mother and him, which I was glad to take. I promised to bring a copy to the November meeting.

He then introduced me to his sister who was holding a two year old child. We talked a bit and then I noticed a young girl, about thirteen, who looked like the other family members. He’s not my sister but a cousin, who has no parents taking care of her. He then told me that his mother had taken care of her since she was six months old.

The poor helping the poor.

The Holy Spirit comes to life, not in noisy celebrations, but in the simple love manifested in the lives of the poor.

Again, I’ve been graced with the chance to witness that Love – and even be a recipient of love.