My baptismal day

“Living my baptism is letting go of that narrow and boring little story [of my  private life] so that I can flourish with my brothers and sisters in the spacious love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”
-Timothy Radcliffe, OP, Taking the Plunge,  p. 166

Pope Francis has asked us to remember the date of our baptism. Even before his request, I knew that I was baptized two weeks after my birthday, on June 15, 1947.

A few years ago I came across these photos of the day of my baptism.

In the arms of Fr. Peter Vandergeist who baptized me.
With my godparents, Aunt Sis Rechner and Uncle George Barrar
My parents John and Eleanor Donaghy
With my grandmothers, Mom-mom (Regina) Barrar and Nana (Elizabeth) Donaghy

I give thanks to God for my baptism – for my biological family and for the family of faith.

Later today I will renew my baptismal vows.

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