Romero and the witness of daily life

Shortly before his death, Romero went on retreat. In the middle of the violence and repression in El Salvador, in the face of the death threats he was receiving, in the midst of the opposition from most of the bishops in El Salvador, he sought the will of God in prayer.

During that retreat, on February 25, 1980, he wrote:

…my disposition ought to be to give my life for God, whatever might be the end of my life. The circumstances which are unknown will be lived with God’s grace. He attended the martyrs and, if it is necessary, I will feel him very close when I hand over my last breath to him. But more valiant than the moment of death is to hand over to him all one’s life and live for Him.

Martyrdom is a gift of God. It is not something that Romero or other true martyrs sought. Martyrdom comes from a life lived in witness to the living God. The word martyr means, first of all “witness.”

Martyrdom is lived and prepared for in the way we live every day.

Monseñor Romero, teach us to live our lives as a constant witness to the God of life, the God of love.



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