Romero and human life

In the midst of violence, repression, the killing of innocent people, including priests and catechists, Monseñor Romero affirmed the gift of life.


Less than two weeks before he was martyred, he reaffirmed this commitment in his March 16, 1980, homily:

Nothing is so important to the church as human life,
as the human person,
above all, the person of the poor and the oppressed,
who, besides being human beings,
are also divine beings,
since Jesus said that whatever is done to them
he takes as done to him.
That bloodshed, those deaths,
are beyond all politics.
They touch the very heart of God.

Do the cries of the poor touch our hearts?


One response to “Romero and human life

  1. I am going to try to find and watch “Romero” later today/tomorrow. Keeping you in prayer for traveling to Rome. And all the work you do and lives you touch.

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