Finding God in All Things

They should practice the seeking of God’s presence in all things…
Letter of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Finding God in all things is central to the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. One of his early companions, Pedro Ribadaneira, S.J., wrote:

We frequently saw him taking the occasion of little things to lift his mind to God, who even in the smallest things is great. From seeing a plant, foliage, a leaf, a flower, any kind of fruit; from the consideration of a little worm or any other animal, he raised himself above the heavens and penetrated the deepest thoughts, and from each little thing he drew doctrine and the most profitable counsels for the spiritual life.

But how easy it is to overlook the presence of God, to become so accustomed to the ordinary things of life that we fail to see God’s presence.

So in today’s Gospel (Matthew 13: 54-58) the people of Nazareth could only see Jesus as an ordinary person, one they knew. Even Jesus’ “wisdom and mighty deeds” could not open their hearts to recognize the presence of God in this ordinary man.

I pray today that my heart may become more and more open to see the presence of God, especially in Jesus, God made flesh, but also in all the world, especially my sisters and brothers in need.

God is here. Stand in awe.

St. Ignatius' room, Rome

St. Ignatius’ room, Rome


The quotations come from Jim Manney, An Ignatian Book of Days, which has been a good companion for me the past few months.

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