What is this among so many?

There’s a lad here,
who’s got five barley loaves and two fish.
But what use are they with this many people?”
John 6: 9
N. T. Wright translation

This morning I’m going to the village of Oromilaca for a Sunday Celebration of the Word with Communion as well as a meeting with the youth.

What do I say to these people about today’s Gospel (John 6: 1-11) of Jesus multiplying the bread and fish?

My experience in Latin America has been the incredible hospitality of the people. Even though they have little, if you come to visit, you will be offered something to eat or drink.

I remember the first time I was offered a “tortilla” in a Salvadoran village. I thought I would get only a tortilla, but they had a full meal prepared – tortillas, beans, rice, cheese.

Recalling this I’ll talk with then about the kid with five loves and two fish.

“Not much,” as Andrew protested, “for so many people.”

But enough.

A kid offers what he has.

We are called to offer what we have, no matter how little it may seem. Nothing is too small. God can make miracles of feeding with almost nothing.

No one lacks something to share with God and others. No one is so poor that she cannot give the little she has.

No one.

And God works miracles with what we give.

For our God is not a God of scarcity, but of abundance.

A lunch offered in a rural Honduran town

A lunch offered in a rural Honduran town


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