Our Journey

In the prologue to his mystical masterpiece, The Journey of the Mind into God, Saint Bonaventure warns the reader who believes certain things are sufficient:


Tree of Life, Santa Croce, Florence

reading without unction,
speculation without devotion,
investigation without wonder,
observation without joy,
diligence without piety,
knowledge without love,
understanding without humility,
study apart from divine grace,
gazing apart from
divinely inspired wisdom.

For Bonaventure it was not enough to think things through and “know” them with one’s intellect. One must move to the affective aspect of our lives, where one can encounter Christ.

It’s not enough to think about God. God calls us to let Him come and meet us, open our hearts to a loving encounter with a Person.

God is not an idea. God is a person and God wants us to be the person we are called to be by God’s love.

It’s so easy to just try to “think” about God, to see moral messages. It’s no so easy to open oneself to the Ultimate Other – God.

But we are called to start over each day, each moment, to let our hearts be opened to the Love of God.

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