The sacramentality of a child’s shoe

I am in El Salvador for a few days. Two good Iowa friends visited me last week and now are visiting friends in El Salvador.

I brought them to Suchitoto and stayed two days to visits my friends – as well as one family who are mutual friends.

Yesterday on the bus back to Suchitoto from San Salvador, a man sat down next to me. Before he got off outside San Salvador, he opened his small backpack and pulled out a child’s shoe. He seemed to handle it with such love and care that I could not help think of the child, perhaps a two year old boy, who would wear it. I was also touched by the love this man had for the child.

During the rest of the ride I kept returning to the shoe. It had become for me a sign of God’s presence. This show represented the gift of life of a young child, the gift of love of his father, and the presence of small signs of God’s love everywhere, even – maybe especially – among the poor.

I hope that I do not forget that moment in the #129 bus where God’s love became present to me in a child’s shoe.

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