Seeing the Father

Master, show us the Father…
Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.
John 14: 8-9 

 When we see Jesus, we see God the Father.

But what do we see?

I see a father who loves his loves his prodigal son, as Jesus tells us in the parable.

I see a father who feeds the hungry, as Jesus fed the crowds with only five loaves and two fish.

I see a father who heals the sick, as Jesus healed many including the woman who was hemorrhaging and the synagogue leader’s daughter.

I see a father who talks with the marginal, as Jesus talked with the woman at the well.

I see this and more, but an image that touches me deeply is that of Jesus welcoming the children.


Maybe this is because my own father deeply loved children and welcomed them into his life – even as his life faded. I remember the time he gave ought fifty-cent pieces to kids at a church Halloween party.

God welcomes us to come and sit with him.

Sitting with Jesus helps me open my heart and let others sit with me, listening to their joys and sorrows, their hopes and concerns.

May God give me always the grace to sit with Him – and to sit beside others.

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