Like those in flight

… you shall eat
like those who are in flight.
Exodus 12: 11
(Douai Rheims translation)

 The instructions for the meal waiting for deliverance from slavery in Egypt were very clear. They were instructions for those who would soon flee.

Today I think of all those who are in flight in our world.

Those fleeing the poverty, unemployment, and violence in their home countries in Central America, looking for a better life.

Those fleeing the war and violence in the Middle East and Africa.

Those women and children fleeing situations of domestic violence.

Those fleeing the effects of floods and other disasters in nature.

Those fleeing persecution for speaking out for their rights and the rights of others.

Those trying to fleeing from prostitution or enslavement brought about by human traffickers.

The message of the Exodus is that their cries reach up to God.

But do their cries reach our ears?


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