Our mission

We must consider
how to rouse one another
to love and good works.
Hebrews 10:24

 These words from the letter to the Hebrews strike me today as a description of the essence of our mission as followers of Jesus.

How can we rouse each other to love?

How can we rouse each other to good works?

First of all, it’s not how I can rouse others to love and good works. It’s a community endeavor – how can we do it. We need each other to encourage and rouse each other.

My experience is that I am roused to love in my ministry with people here.

That doesn’t mean that it’s easy and that the people are always loving and easy to love. But I am continued called to rouse myself to love.

I also find myself roused – incited – to good works by the care and concern that people give me. A few nights ago two kids brought me plantains, after I had been a little brusque with them. A few weeks ago, a neighbor, Jesús, dropped by with patastes (a vegetable like a hard squash). Gloria has offered to wash my blankets, since they are hard to wash by hand for inexperienced people like me.

The challenge to rouse each other to love and good works is a challenge not only to offer encouragement to others but also to be willing to receive it.

We are in this together.

Perhaps that’s why the next verse in Hebrews is

We should not stay away from our assembly…

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