The Posadas

A beautiful Latin American tradition is the Posadas. People from the community – sometimes carrying a nativity scene, sometimes with children dressed as Mary and Joseph – go from door to door, seeking a posada, lodging.

The procession is accompanied by a hymn which is a dialogue between Joseph in the street and the inn-keeper inside the house. Finally, the door is opened and the pilgrims are welcomed.

In our parish here in Honduras, Padre German has invited the people to do the posadas starting on December 1, though the traditional starting date is today, December 16.

To celebrate these last nine days before the Feast of the Birth of the Lord, I’ll try to post a nativity scene, starting with several I ran across last year visiting the cathedral in Ravenna.

They suggest that the incarnation of the Lord Jesus happens in every land, in every culture. We just have to have the eyes and the heart to see.


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