Welcome the guest

In Luke’s Gospel (10: 38-43) of Jesus visiting with Martha and Mary, Martha often comes off as less than her sister. This may cause us to miss the beauty of what she did.

There is a beautiful passage in a sermon of St. Augustine in today’s reading for Vigils in Benedictine Daily Prayer, which gave me a new appreciation of Martha – and a challenge.

Martha received Jesus as a guest—just as the Lord does who makes his servants God’s children and his won brothers and sisters, who ransoms the captives and makes them co-heirs with himself. But do not say: “How blest those who received Christ into their own homes!” Be not saddened that you live in an age when the Lord is no longer seen in the flesh. He has not deprived you of Martha’s privilege: “When you did it to the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it to me!”

Will we be as Martha,  one who receives the Lord – pilgrims, migrants, the hungry and thirsty?


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