Micah’s challenge

Act justly,
love tenderly,
walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6: 8

It’s all about how we act, how we love, and how we walk.

Do we act with justice, with concern for the justice of God – which means a right relation with God and with others?

The world is filled with injustice – poverty, war, violence, oppression.

Do we love with tenderness – not because we are commanded to love, but because the mercy of God’s love has invaded our hearts?

The world is filled with harshness – the harsh words, the arms and missiles, racism, and hatred for the migrant and the poor.

Do we walk humbly with God – not proudly as if God was one our side, but humbly because we need to let God’s love, mercy and justice lead us?

But the world is also filled with God’s presence – when we walk beside the poor and migrant, when we take up the cause of the oppressed, when we speak up against violence and war.

God is there.

Let us walk his way.


The passage from Micah is based on the Jerusalem Bible translation.

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