All who are burdened

Come to me…
Matthew 11:28

The news reports from many parts of the world today are not encouraging.

The crisis of unaccompanied children in the US continues – even as some are deported back to Honduras. Angry people reject welcoming the stranger.

A plane crashes in the Ukraine with close to 300 killed.

Israel begins a ground incursion into the Gaza strip, with already about 200 dead. Missiles strike in both directions, but there are too many civilians being killed.

War and violence continue in Syria and the Central African Republic.

And then there are the daily deaths – from hunger, violence, war, oppression.

Oh God, we bring them to you –
but you ask us to take your yoke on our shoulder.
Your yoke, I fear, includes the death and suffering,
but you say that your yoke is easy.
I say – help me bear your yoke and the suffering around us.

O God, give us peace – with justice.



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