Are we not all God’s children?


 Matthew’s account (9: 18-26) of the healing of the child of the synagogue official and the woman with the flow of blood is lean, with much less detail than the other two accounts of the same event.

And so this morning I noted something I had never seen before. Both the child and the woman are called “daughters.”

The synagogue official tells Jesus, “My daughter has just died.”

But it is Jesus who calls the woman with the flow of blood “daughter.”

Who else would call her daughter? She would have been an outcast because of the flow of blood. But Jesus sees her as a daughter of God, one loved and cherished by God.

She would probably have been refused entry to the synagogue by the official, but Jesus restores her to community – not only be healing her, but by making clear that she too is a child of God.

Are we not all God’s children? Are we not called to cherish each other – especially the sick and outcast – as God’s children, our sisters and brothers?

Are we not all given that dignity – by God’s loving touch?

Rejoice, child of God! Jesus comes to heal us and restore us to life.


One response to “Are we not all God’s children?

  1. Thank you, John.
    Your words, your thoughts, your exegesis, fill my soul, heal me, and give me hope.
    Do not ever underestimate yourself or your mission and outreach via cyberspace. The Lord is using you in a beautiful way.

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