Hope while chained

…it is on account of the hope of Israel
that I wear these chains.
Acts 28:20 

These words of Paul in Rome struck me this morning.

Mosaic, St.Paul outside the walls

Mosaic, St.Paul outside the walls

Paul sees his work – among Jews and gentiles – as a source of hope for God’s people. Even his chains provide hope, since they are signs of his commitment.

How hard it is to find hope in the midst of suffering – but Paul did so.

Hope sustained him and kept him confident and free from self-pity.

What hope sustains me? What hope will enable me to bear suffering? What hope will bring me joy?

For me, it is the hope of the people here in Honduras for a life that is full of love and solidarity, where life reflects the Reign of God, where violence and poverty no long oppress them.

What hope sustains you?


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