The emptying of Christ

He emptied Himself…
Philippians 2:7

The second reading for Palm Sunday, Philippians 2:  6-11 (plus the first five verses of the chapter) is central to my understanding of what it means to follow Christ: emptying oneself.

Christ became one with poor humanity, suffering and dying, not just for us – but with us.

The Black Christ

The Black Christ

Christ’s solidarity in our suffering is a call to be in solidarity with the poor. I pray often that the words of Isaiah 50:4 in the first reading might be mine:

The Lord God has given me a well-trained tongue, that I might know how to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them, a word that will give them strength.

In this light the processions today need to have a spirit of humility. The King comes in solidarity with the poor.

The reading for Vigils in Benedictine Daily Prayer from St. Andrew of Crete puts it well:

 [Christ] comes freely to Jerusalem as he once came from heaven in order to exalt us with himself. But he does not come with pomp and circumstance, like a man ascending a throne. “He shall not dispute or shout aloud, nor shall anyone hear his voice upraised.” He is meek and humble, and goes poorly clad.

Now, off to Dulce Nombre for the procession and Mass for Palm/Passion Sunday

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