Living Water

Along both banks of the river,
fruit trees of every kind shall grow;
their leaves shall not fade,
nor their fruit fail.…
Their fruit shall serve for food,
and their leaves for healing.
Ezekiel 47, 12

Water – the source of life. The waters of baptism – the source of life in Christ.

Water quenches thirst, refreshes a sweaty body, enlivens us.

Water loosens the hard earth so that seeds may sprout and gives moisture so that they may grow.

Water is so common, but it is still a mystery.


In the reading from Ezekiel, the prophet sees water flowing from the Temple, a gift of God. He walks along the river and sees it grown from a trickle to a mighty stream.

But water is not for itself – it is live-giving.

For along the banks are fruit trees which continually bear fruit to eat, with leaves for healing.

Water gives us food and healing.

This is our hope; this is our task.

So many lack good water – even a community called Agua Buena, Good Water, in the parish where I serve.

What can we do so that they have decent water?

But also so many thirst for something that will really satisfy them. Our parish has 81 catechumens, mostly adolescents and young adults, who are thirsting for something. Christ, the Living Water, offers himself.

How can we offer them water that gives life, that responds to the needs at the center of their lives?


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