Take up your cross

Just a short quote from Father Richard Rohr, OFM, related to today’s Gospel:

The phrase “Take up your cross” has been softened by usage. We’ve all heard it since we’ve been kids. We don’t get the punch of it anymore. The cross is not simply enduring your hangnail for the day for the love of Jesus, or putting up with the inconvenience that your air-conditioner doesn’t work. That’s what it’s become in affluent societies. The “cross” in the New Testament is precisely the suffering that comes into our lives by the choices we make for the Kingdom.

2 Los perseguidos entero

Image by Cerezo Barredo, OMI

5 responses to “Take up your cross

  1. Thanks for the great quote. I also think “better” fits.

  2. I wonder if you might clarify something. My father loved Charles de Foucauld. My father sent me The Cross. Is it bitter or better pastures that He directs us into? “He directs us into bitter/better pastures which He knows to be good for us.” I have always found comfort and solace in this piece.
    Many thanks!

    • I’d never read that quote from Charles de Foucauld, who has also influenced me. Brother Charles sought to live the hidden life – with all its pains and joys.

      • Oh, I see. Thank you for your response!
        My father sent me the following, in his handwriting, that is why I’m uncertain as to whether it is bitter, or better. The way he wrote it, it looks like bitter, but I think the piece might make more sense if the word is indeed, better.
        Muchas gracias, y espero que tenga ud. un dia excelente!
        The Cross

        Jesus chooses for each the kind of suffering which He sees best suited to sanctify each person.
        And the Cross He imposes is the one that we would have refused, if we dared- while accepting all the rest.
        He directs us into bitter/?better pastures which He knows to be good for us.

        Charles de Foucauld

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