Where will God be manifest today?

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Epiphany, the manifestation of the Lord. The official date is January 6, but in many places the feast is celebrated on the closest Sunday so that we might remember the feast.

Sant' Apollinaro Nuovo, Ravenna

Sant’ Apollinaro Nuovo, Ravenna

In the West we think of this day as the day of the three Magi, the three wise men, who arrived and worshipped Jesus. But it is not at all clear that there were three wise men, that they were kings,  or even that they arrived when Jesus was still in the manger. Some would dismiss this as great story with little fact.

That doesn’t bother me at all.

Epiphany is a day when we celebrated God-made-flesh made known to the people of all the world.

One tradition tells us that the represent three different races. God has come for everyone and he wants to be known by all.

Today is a day when we should keep our eyes open for the signs of God’s presence among us, he manifestations of God in Word and Sacrament, but also in the family member in need of a loving word, in the neighbor in need of our help, in a world in need of peace.

Let us open our eyes, follow the stars, and rejoice in the manifestation of the Lord in our midst.

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