Come and See

Father Jon Seda, pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas in Ames, arrived Friday with two young men to visit the parish of Dulce Nombre de Maria.

While seated around the dining table at Dulce Nombre with Padre German Navarro, the pastoral administrator of Dulce Nombre, Fr. Jon asked him what they should seek to learn while here.

Padre German said that they should come not so much to learn as to discover the presence of God among the people here, as they live, in the midst of the poverty, violence, ignorance, and more.

“Discover the presence of God.”

Isn’t that another way of saying “Come and see,” as Jesus told the two disciples in Saturday’s Gospel (John 1: 35-42)?

Come – be a part of life, not from afar but close with me, being a part of the joys and pains I experience in the lives of these people.

See – watch me in all that I do and say. This is not something to learn with your mind. It is something to experience with your heart.

Come and see.

As Padre German went on to say, we can do this not only visiting a parish in rural Honduras but in the everyday events of our live. That is part of what he wants to help the people here experience.

Come and see.

Discover God present.


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