Sharing the promised banquet

Let us all go to the banquet,
to the table of creation;
everyone, with a stool,
has a seat and a mission.
Salvadoran People’s Mass

 God has given us numerous banquets – the beauty of creation, the Eucharist, our daily bread.

When the people came to listen to Jesus (Matthew 15: 29-37), he had compassion on them and had his disciples give them what little they had. But all ate and were filled.

When the people of Israel were beset by invasions, the Lord promised them  (in Isaiah 25: 6-10) a rich banquet – for all peoples.

And the psalmist, in Psalm 23, rejoices that the Good Shepherd has spread a table before him.

God wants all of us to eat, to be filled, to enjoy the banquet. Yet, sad to say, there are so many who have little or nothing. They face death each day: that is “the veil that veils all people.”

But God offers a vision and a task.

Jesus saw the crowds and asked his disciples to give them something to eat.

They were skeptical but Jesus took the little they had and “all ate and were filled.”

What is the little we have to share so that all may eat and be filled?

Let us be sustained in this task by the vision of Isaiah and the example of Jesus, and these verses from the entrance song of the Salvadoran People’s Mass:

God invites all the poor
to this common meal, by faith,
where there are none who grab everything for themselves
and where no one lacks a full meal.

God commands us to make of this world
a table where there is equality,
working and struggling together,
sharing our property.

A video of the entrance song, Vamos todos al banquete, with images from El Salvador, can be found here.


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