God is here

Truly, the Lord is in this spot,
although I did not know it!
Genesis 28: 16

 Jacob falls asleep and dreams of a ladder connecting earth and heaven with angels, God’s messengers, going up and down the ladder. And the Lord is standing beside him, or, as the Douay-Rheims translation (following the Vulgate) puts it, “the Lord [was] leaning upon the ladder.”

When he awakes Jacob calls the place “Beth-El,” the house of God, recognizing God’s presence there.

One of my favorite hymns here in Honduras is “Dios está aquí,” –

God is here,
as certain as the air I breathe,
as certain as the morning rises up,
as certain as this song which you can hear.

God is here. The world is charged with the presence of God, but it is so easy to ignore it, to not see it.

And so we need reminders which God shares with us – the smile of a friend, the fierceness of a torrential rain, a quiet moment in prayer.

And we need to be “mindful,” or, as Simone Weil put it, “attentive,” opening our hearts to the hidden presences of God in our daily life.



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