What do we share?

As people of faith, what do we share?

Some would say we share a belief in a God, who is three in one, in Jesus, the Son God made flesh who was good news and died and rose to give us life and salvation, and in the Spirit of Love.

But in today’s second reading from the Book of Revelation, we have these words of the author:

John, your brother
who is in fellowship with you
in affliction, the reign,
and relentless persistence
in Jesus.
Revelation 1:9
my translation

We are sisters and brothers in Jesus.

We are called to share each others’ distress, afflictions and pains.

We share the Reign of God, a Kingdom “of truth and life, … of justice, love, and peace,” according to the preface of the feast of Christ the King.

We share relentless persistence, steadfast hope, endurance.

The Greek is much richer than any translation I have seen. John calls himself συγκοινωκός, one who shares koinonia, fellowship/communion/community, with.

It’s not mere sharing; it’s participating with others in their distress: feeling the pain of others as our own.

It’s participating in the Reign of God, which is among us in anticipation of what we hope to experience with God.

It’s participating in hope. I like much more the translation “endurance” or “relentless persistence” because they speak of what I see among the poor I work with. Despite all the poverty and suffering, there are people who keep up the struggle for life and love.

And so today, full of Easter joy, we are called not only to share with others our faith, but to share in their lives of pain, hope, and the Kingdom of God.



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