To dream – St. Joseph

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Joseph, the foster father of the Lord.

The Gospels tell us little about him. In Matthew he, after his Hebrew namesake, is a man of dreams – that change his life and prepare the way for the Lord.

From a Nazi prison, Jesuit father Alfred Delp wrote a meditation on Joseph that has inspired me for many years. In part it reads:

“Joseph is the man on the outskirts, standing in the shadows, silently waiting, there when wanted and always ready to help. He is the man in whose life God is constantly intervening with warnings and visions. Without complaint he allows his own plans to be set aside. . . .

“Willing, unquestioning service is the secret of his life. It is his message for us and his judgment of us. We have crabbed and confined God within the pitiable limits of our obstinacy, our complacency, our mania for ‘self expression.’ We have given God only the minimum of recognition.”

May Joseph help us to set aside our personal agenda so that we may dream the dreams of God.

Reading and listening to people here, the choice of Pope Francis has awakened hope and stirred their imaginations. May God stir us to dream dreams and imagine how we may live the Reign of God.


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