True greatness

If you want to be first,
make yourself the servant of all.
Matthew 20: 27

Today’s Gospel, Matthew 20: 20-28, with its parallel in Mark 10: 35-45, is one of my favorite Gospel passages, especially in light of Martin Luther King, Jr., sermon “The Drum Major Instinct,” available here.

But instead of commenting on this again, as I did here and here, I’d like to share my translation of a prayer by Madre Francisca Pascual Domenech, founder of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate. Five of them live down the street from me here in Santa Rosa de Copán. Sor María Jesús shared this last night on her Facebook page.

Father, full of mercy,
You who have shown us
that the only way to live humanly is love.

Teach us to leave behind egoism,
to not fear to say “YES”
to all the needs we encounter on our paths.

Teach us, Lord,to give you thanks for your mercy,
and to ask you pardon for our hardness of heart
and lack of confidence facing our sisters and brothers.

Teach us, merciful Jesus,
to form the community of love and hope,
that you want us to be.

We trust you and we believe in you,
merciful God,
Father, full of kindness,
who have made Christ our brother
and have given us the Spirit
who gives us life and hope.

Here is the Spanish original:

Padre, lleno de misericordia Tu que nos has mostrado,
que el único camino para vivir humanamente es el amor.

ENSEÑANOS a salir del egoismo,
a no tener miedo a decir “SI” a todas las necesidades
que encontramos a nuestro paso,

las gracias por tu misericordia
Y a pedirte perdón por nuestras durezas
y desconfianzas frente a nuestros hermanos.

ENSEÑANOS, Jesús misericordioso,
a formar la comunidad de amor y esperanza,
que tu quieres que seamos

Confiamos en Ti y creemos en Ti, Dios misericordioso,
Padre lleno de bondad,
Que has hecho de Cristo, nuestro hermano
Y nos has dado el Espíritu
Que nos da la vida y esperanza.


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