Recognizing who we are

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan by John the Baptist. Central to Luke’s account is the voice of God heard by Jesus “You are my beloved son.” (Luke 3: 22)

Sunday mornings I often read several commentaries on the readings, including El Anuncio de la Esperanza by Segundo Galilea and Arturo Paoli. In today’s reflection, they note that this phrase suggests that “the Father loves his Son Jesus above everything else and through Him loves humans and the world. God the Father loves each one of us in the measure that he sees us in His Son, in how we are incorporated into Jesus.”

This could be read in a way that excludes others, but I think the authors mean that we – as brothers and sisters of Jesus, God made flesh – can recognize our dignity and the love God has for us.

We are incorporated into the Body of Christ.

What dignity, what grace, what love.

What a gift – if we remember and recognize who we really are – children of God and sisters and brothers in Christ, God who loves us enough to become flesh.


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