Day of remembrance

September 11, 2011, is a day that many people will not forget.

But I think it would be good to remember any number of other events that happened on this date:

2001: attacks on the World Trade Center Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and another airplane

2001: Father Michal Judge, OFM, Franciscan friar, New York Fire Department chaplain, killed at the World Trade Center while ministering to the victims.

1999: Father Karl Albrecht, S.J., German Jesuit missionary, killed in East Timor.

1993: Assassination of Antoine Izmery, Haitian businessman and friend of the poor.

1990: Assassination of Myrna Mack, Guatemalan anthropologist and human rights advocate, in Guatemala City.

1988: Attack on the church of Saint Jean Bosco in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which left between 13 and 50 dead and 80 wounded.

1981: Sebastiana Mendoza, indigenous catechist, promoter of Caritas in El Quiche, abducted from the Guatemala City cathedral.

1973: US supported coup against elected Chilean president Salvador Allende which resulted in deaths, abductions, and years of terror and repression.

1919: US marines invade Honduras

1649: Cromwell’s forces kill 3000 at Drogheda, Ireland

So much death and injustice cries out to God for justice, peace, and life.



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