The Bible as weapon

On April 19, 1980, Juana Tum de Menchú and her son Patrocinio, both catechists, were abducted and killed in Guatemala. Two of the thousands of Guatemalans killed in the second half of the twentheith century, these are notable because of Nobel Prize laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum, the daughter of Juana and sister of Patrocinio.

Reflecting on this witness of catechists I want to share this quote from Rigoberta Menchú:

“…for us the Bible is our main weapon. It has shown us the way…. any one of my community, even though he’s illiterate and has to have it read to him and translated into his language, can learn many lessons from it, because he has no difficulty understanding what reality is, and what the difference is between the paradise up above, in Heaven, and the reality of our people here on Earth. We do this because we feel it is the duty of Christians to create the Kingdom of God on Earth among our brothers [and sisters]. The kingdom will exist only when we all have enough to eat, when our children, brothers, [sisters], parents don’t have to die from hunger and malnutrition. That will be the ‘Glory,’ a Kingdom for us who have never known it.”

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