Reading history through the Cross

The Friday before Palm Sunday in the old liturgical calendar was the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, la virgen dolorosa, as we say here.

Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, witnessed the death of her Son and courageously followed Him to the foot of the Cross.

Today in the streets Santa Rosa de Copán we will celebrate the diocesan Way of the Cross. Thousands will come to pray, to witness their faith, to make confessions in the streets, and to recall how the reality of life for Hondurans is a Via Crucis, a Way of the Cross.

But they come with faith and hope, knowing the power of the crucified and risen Lord.

What the Stations here try to do is to read reality through the Cross.

In his book, A Vow of Conversation, Thomas Merton wrote:

“We have to see history as a book that is sealed and opened only by the Passion of Christ. But we prefer to read it from the viewpoint of the beast. We look at history in terms of hubris and power — in terms of the Beast and his power. Christ continues to suffer His passion in the poor, the defenseless, and His passion destroys the Beast. . . . Meanwhile, Christ is in agony until the end of time.”

Christ is in agony, but we will witness to His presence here still.

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