The shepherds

Some shepherds were in the fields…

The first worshippers, the first company that our Lord wants around his crib is that of the humblest, the most rustic, the least and also the most ordinary, the shepherds…

He is not content with accepting them, he calls them…

Let us esteem the least of our brothers and sisters infinitely. Let us honor them as Jesus’ favorites. Let us mingle with them. As much as God wishes, let’s be one of them. Let’s do all possible good to them, body and soul. Let’s treat them honorably so as to honor Jesus, fraternally in order to have the honour and happiness of being counted as one of them.

Blessed Charles de Foucauld
Little Brother of Jesus

One response to “The shepherds

  1. Feliz Navidad John!
    Que Dios carinoso le bendiga ahora y siempre.
    Paz, amor, justicia para ‘los pequenos’ del mundo
    en la fe,

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