Las posadas

A beautiful custom in parts of Latin America is Las Posadas.

A group of people – sometimes with images of Mary and Joseph, sometimes with children dressed up as Mary and Joseph – go from house to house in neighborhoods seeking shelter. The group with Mary and Joseph knock on the door and a song is sung with alternating verses between José and the innkeeper.

At a few places Mary and Joseph have to move on, since the door doesn’t open. But finally the door is open and “the pilgrims” are welcomed in. After some prayers refreshments are often offered.

In some places Las Posadas begin today, though in some villages here in Honduras they have the posadas the whole month of December.

Las posadas remind us of the reality of the Incarnation – among the poor, seeking shelter, with no room, except in a poor stable.

God has become flesh among us, in a poor child whose family seeks shelter.There are many today who, like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, seek shelter. Will we take them in and also seek a world where there is a home for everyone?

St. John of the Cross wrote, “Down the road, pregnant with the Word of God, comes the Virgin. Will you take her in?”



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