Mary’s “Yes”

“Be it done to me according to your word.”
Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.
Luke 1: 38

Today the Church celebrates the conception of Mary without original sin. Not on her own, but because of the salvation brought to us by Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, Mary is conceived sinless.

But the Gospel tells of the conception of Jesus – as Mary consents to be the Mother of God the Most High. Loved and graced by God, she responds in love – and faith.

In one of his Christmas meditations from a Nazi prison in 1944, Father Alfred Delp, S.J., wrote of Mary:

“The fact that this night of nights [Christmas] brought forth the Light, that Mary kneels before the child, that motherhood and the grace of compassion have become a law of our life, that the ice of humanity’s inner solitude can be broken and melted by healing warmth — all this became possible only because the maid Mary yielded of her own free choice to the inner prompting of God’s voice. Her secret is self-surrender and willing acceptance, offering herself to the point of complete obliteration of her personal will.

“This is both her message and her judgment of us. As a generation we are completely concerned about our self-fulfillment, our self-realization, our living conditions and so on. Everything is organized for our self-gratification. And precisely because of this we are getting progressively poorer and more miserable. Mary’s decision was complete surrender to God and it is the only thing that can lead to human fulfillment. Hers is the decisions that obeys the law of life.”

Will we say “yes” to God’s will, as Mary did?


One response to “Mary’s “Yes”

  1. Beautiful reflection. Thank you for sharing John.

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