“We must look for peace by purging the very sources of war — false ambitions and evil desires. As long as individuals serve their own personal interests, the common good will suffer. Let them examine the self-evident fact that this world of ours is the Fatherland of the entire human race.”

This quotation comes from The Complaint of Peace of Desiderius Erasmus, the Renaissance humanist who was born on October 27, 1466.

This Dutch-born scholar was a friend of saints and scholars of his time, especially St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher. Besides working on the scripture and the Fathers of the Church, he wrote works on various topics, including church reform and peace.

He had a barbed tongue, as witnessed by his satiric work,  The Praise of Folly.

He died in 1536.

NOTE: The date of birth was corrected.


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