Real heresy

Today the Catholic church celebrates St. Ignatius of Antioch, a bishop who was martyred in Rome in 107. In his letter to the church of Smyrna, he identified attitudes and actions that reveal false notions about the faith – failure to care for the poor and the oppressed and failure to recognize Christ in the Eucharist.

“Pay close attention to those who have wrong notions about the grace of Jesus Christ, which has come to us, and note how at variance they are with God’s mind. They care nothing about love: they have no concern for widows or orphans, for the oppressed, for those in prison or released, for the hungry or the thirsty. They hold aloof from the Eucharist and from services of prayer, because they refuse to admit that the Eucharist is the flesh of our Savior Jesus Christ who suffered for our sins and whom, in his goodness, the Father raised from the dead.”

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