Che Guevara and Christians

Che Guevara, doctor, revolutionary, activist in the Cuban revolution, was killed on October 9, 1967, in Bolivia, with a group of guerrillas.

His early journey on a motorcycle throughout South America from his home in Argentina has been caught in his memoir Motorcycle Diaries and in the film based on the book.

Though I have very serious objections to his use and advocacy of violent revolution, I think he has much to offer us – in terms of his dedication to the poor and his advocacy of radical social change, change that goes to the roots (radices) of society.

This is a great challenge to us Christians, especially those of us who serve in Latin America. As Che once said:

“Christians must definitively choose the revolution, and especially in our continent where the Christian faith is so important among the masses. When the Christians in Latin America take seriously the revolutionary teachings of the Gospel, the revolution will become invincible. Until now, Christians have permitted their doctrines to be manipulated by reactionaries.”


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