Jesus in every human being

Eileen Egan, peacemaker, advocate of nonviolence, friend of the world’s poor, worker with Catholic Relief Services, co-founder of Pax Christi USA, and author of Peace Be with You: Justified Warfare or the Way of Nonviolence, died on October 7, 2000. She was a friend and associate of both Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She also was instrumental with Catholic Relief Services in the role that the US Catholic Church played in the rebuilding of post-World War II Europe.

In the early 1960s she had worked to encourage the bishops at the Second Vatican Council speak out against nuclear war

I met her once when she received the Diocese of Davenport’s Pacem in Terris award. She was a woman of great piety who surprised her hosts in insisting on fasting for peace on Friday as the US bishops had urged the faithful in their 1983 pastoral letter  The Challenge of Peace.

She once wrote:

“My life has had a single strain: to see Jesus in every human being, to realize that each one is inviolable and sacred in the eyes of God, and then to translate that into everything I do. This is the heart of anything I’ve done, the heart of my peace work.”


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