Mother of Sorrows

Mary, at the Cross, is the representative of all those who suffer loss, especially those who suffer the violent loss of their children.

But this is not a loss without hope. As Monseñor Oscar Romero, martyred archbishop of San Salvador, said in his homily on December 1, 1977:

“Even when all despaired, at the hour when Christ was dying on the cross, Mary, serene, awaited the hour of the resurrection. Mary is the symbol of the people who suffer oppression and injustice. Theirs is the calm suffering that awaits the resurrection. It is Christ suffering, the suffering of the Church, which does not accept the present injustices, but awaits without rancor the moment when the Risen One will return to give us the redemption we await.”

Let us stand with Mary at the Cross of Jesus and at the cross of all the crucified poor of this world, waiting in hope for the redemption which is at hand.


One response to “Mother of Sorrows

  1. Dear John:
    Can’t thank you enough for this. As a parent that was devastated with mental illness surfacing in our child’s young adulthood, we have struggled with ways to cope.
    Miss you, Joni

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