The Cross

September 14 the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the Triumph of the Cross – a real paradox.

Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff wrote in Way of the Cross, Way of Justice:

“It was not only then that Jesus began to carry his cross. A cross is not just a piece of wood, it is everything that makes life difficult; the ‘crosses’ we have to bear in life. It is everything that causes us suffering, especially in our efforts to be just and to create more fraternal social relationships. That is carrying the crosses day by day. Jesus uncomplainingly carried the crosses of his life as a poor person and an itinerant prophet…. Now he does not simply accept the cross that is imposed on him by the Jews and the Romans. He embraces it freely out of love. He transforms the cross from a symbol of condemnation into a sacrament of liberation.”

May we, by our love for God and the poor, the crucified peoples of the world, be transformed into instruments of God’s saving liberation for our world.

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