Each day a gift from God

Christian Beyers Naudé, South African white activist against apartheid, died at the age of 79, 2004. A minister of the then pro-apartheid Dutch Reformed Church, he experienced a profound conversion and became a prominent anti-apartheid activist.

Every day that I live becomes more meaningful, more fulfilled, and, for me, much more enriching. Time is too short, so I’ve discovered, for all the tremendous revelations of the love of God which he has given to me – new insights, new visions, new possibilities, new dimensions of human living, new relationships with people around me, new depths of concern, and of agony, and of joy which make my life – yes, I can truly say it – so deeply meaningful that I’m eager when I go to bed at night to awake the next morning and to say, “It’s a new day, a new life, it’s a new experience of God and of humankind.”


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