St. Thomas More

On July 6, 1535, St. Thomas More was executed in England. A chancellor of England under Henry VIII, this lawyer was also a great scholar and share that with his family, including his daughters. Known for his integrity, his  and his deep faith,  this lawyer  was also a critic of the avarice of the rich. As he wrote:

“Take some poor and unfruitful year in which hunger has carried off many thousands of men. If the barns of the rich were searched at the end of the year, I maintain that enough grain would be found to feed everyone, and to save those who died from the famine and from the plague caused by the famine. How easily the bare needs of life might be provided, if money, which is meant to procure us the necessities of life, did not deter us! Certainly rich men know this….”

The feast day of St. Thomas More is June 22, which he shares with Bishop St. John Fisher, another great English scholar, who was killed on the day in 1535.

Robert Bolt wrote a fascinating play on Thomas More, A Man for All Seasons, which was also the basis for a film.


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