Bede on presences of Christ

By the frequent occurrence of his bodily manifestations our Lord wished to show that he is present by  his divinity in every place to the desires of those who are good…. He appeared in the breaking of bread to those who, supposing that he was a stranger, invited him to share their table; he will also be present to us when we willingly bestow whatever goods we have on strangers and poor people; and he will be present  to us in the breaking of the bread, when we partake with a chaste and simple conscience, of the sacrament of his body, namely, the living bread.

So wrote St. Bede the Venerable, 673-735, English monk, historian of the British Church, who lived almost all his live in a Benedictine monastery. As with many contemplatives, they know that Christ is encountered in many ways – in the poor as well as in the Eucharist. So we must recognize and welcome Christ Jesus, coming to us in many ways.

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